Scottish music blogger The Pop Cop has been taken down by Google, hosts of his Blogspot site. In fact, you’ll find that the link doesn’t work, unless there’s been a change of heart, but the blog has been a useful source of info for several years. It mixes/mixed interviews and news (and indeed, Jockrock frequently checked his news pages – just in case something had been missed.)
It also hosted mp3 downloads – usually Scottish indie acts who appreciated the exposure.
However, Google shut the site down at the weekend, citing ‘code violations’ – the web giant operates a kind of ‘three strikes’ policy for copyright breaches – though as Jason states, it was more a case of one violation tidied up long ago and some massive clerical errors on Goggle’s part.
Ironic in a sense that Google should base their move on intellectual property theft, when it now refuses to even return the Pop Cop’s data – amounting to three year’s work
It’s unclear if this useful resource can be saved, but who knows, a show of support might help.
AFacebook group has been created which has all the details that you might need to show your support.

How the site looked before its closure