Edinburgh art-poppers FOUND have embarked on a campaign to get ticket sales money being held by online bank Paypal released to them.
The cash, from the band’s tour with King Creosote, has been placed ‘on hold’ meaning that the five musicians who performed on the 4-date tour cannot be paid.
Efforts to get the payment released via formal communications with Paypal have apparently failed, so the band have been forced to post their complaint on their website and via Twitter, in the hope that someone among their fanbase and contacts will be able to exert some influence.

On the Found website Tommy Perman details in an open letter how the web banking giant limited the account and requested details of the tour for unspecified reasons – the restriction was lifted but shortly afterwards a reserve was placed on the account. Paypal have taken transaction fees of nearly £300 but the balance of several thousand pounds to the band is still, we assume, sitting ‘frozen’.

“I do not understand how PayPal can justify these fees in light of the way they have treated me,” Perman says on the site. “PayPal’s customer service is abysmal.
“I am going to ask our fans to complain to PayPal. I fully intend to give PayPal as much bad publicity as I can.
“I am extremely angry at the lack of respect PayPal have shown me… the department who deal with reserved accounts ‘aren’t customer facing’. How convenient!”

You can read the complete letter here or keep up to date with proceedings via their twitter feed.