An exhibition of photographs Harry Papadopoulos is running at Paisley Museum, following a successful residency in Glasgow last year.

The snapper, who studied in Paisley in the 1970s, was a staff photographer at music weekly Sounds, and his collection coincides roughly with the post-punk era, documenting the early careers of the likes of New Order and The Specials, as well as the likes of Blondie, Gil Scott Heron, The Clash and David Bowie.

However, it is the Scottish post-punk scene which Papadopoulos became most associated with – as many bands on tour stopped by his flat in London, as well as having their images captured for the pages of the now-defunct publication.

Expect to see shots of Altered Images, Orange Juice, Josef K and Aztec Camera, as well as The Bluebells – whose singer Ken McCluskey is co-curator of the exhibition, which runs until March 1st.

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