Teenage Fanclub’s Norman Blakehas joined forces with Euros Childs (formerly of Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci), to form a new group, simply called Jonny.

Their album is out on Turnstile Records on January 31st, but a free 4-song EP of tracks that didn’t make the album can be downloaded (as a zip file). The band tour the UK and Europe, but a gig at Platform in Easterhouse is on the 19th of February.

Track listing reads as follows:
1. Wich is Wich
2. Candyfloss
3. Waiting Around For You
4. Goldmine
5. You Was Me
6. Circling The Sun
7. English Lady
8. The Goodnight
9. Bread
10. Cave Dance
11. I Want To Be Around You
12. I’ll Make Her My Best Friend
13. Never Alone

And here’s a video:

Jonny – Candyfloss from Merge Records on Vimeo.