A clutch of indie bands including Meursault, Future Get Down, Rituals and Maranta are to join forces to protest against the controversial redevelopment of Leith Walk, which will see businesses including the Leith Depot torn down.

Taking place at Edinburgh’s Summerhall on Saturday 10 November, Bang The Drum will also bring together Accidental Gold and Nothing Ever Happens Here for a show which will donate all proceeds to Save Leith Walk, the community action group fighting the ­controversial demolition plans.

Save Leith Walk has gathered thousands of objections and signatures from both locals and music lovers from beyond the area, with the likes of Jeremy Corbyn Irvine Welsh and The Proclaimers offering their support.

A spokesperson for Accidental Gold said: “The Stead’s Place proposal, if it goes ahead, will set a dangerous precedent for this kind of development to run rampant all through Leith and countless other communities.

“We are hoping this will not only show a clear message of opposition but will also a clear message of support, helping to put some much-needed money where our mouths are and help push the continued efforts to stick up for local 

More at saveleithwalk.org