A reunion may not be on the cards, but both members of the KLF will make appearances in Edinburgh in the coming weeks.

Jimmy Cauty’s new installation, ESTATE, is to appear in the capital for a month-long residency from the end of May and throughout June 2021.

The K Foundation artist’s new model village, which “explores urban dystopia from the back of a lorry”, will appear at North Edinburgh Arts, from May 28th – June 26th.

The model village experience features four abandoned concrete tower blocks at 1:24 scale (around 2 metres high) housed in a 40-foot shipping container.

The tower blocks each serve a different function in the ESTATE and contain amusing scenes of mass social, economic and environmental devastation.

Two years was spent on ESTATE’s highly-detailed construction, whose 1,360 rooms – “meticulously made from scratch before being painstakingly vandalised” – utilise over two tons of concrete and three miles of electric cable.

The new installation follows the 2016 residency of Cauty’s previous work, The Aftermath Dislocation Principle, at the Grassmarket in Edinburgh.

The ESTATE Tour has already been seen in Hull and Stoke-on-Trent, and will pitch up in the capital adjacent to the community-owned North Edinburgh Arts venue (EH4 4TZ), next to Muirhouse Library.

Viewers walk through a 40-foot shipping container to explore the tower blocks.

The experience includes smoke, strobe lighting, wind, loud noise, tiny TV broadcasts, and is suitable for children and adults over 5.

Estate - L-13 Light Industrial Workshop

Estate – L-13 Light Industrial Workshop

ESTATE can be viewed either individually or in social / support bubbles in pre-booked 10-minute slots scheduled every 15 minutes, booked via the North Edinburgh Arts website for Thursdays and Fridays or for Saturdays.

A new publication will be produced by the Society of Spectacles to coincide with ESTATE, including new material by acclaimed Scottish writers Laura Hird and Gordon Legge – the first new work by both writers in several years.

The project is the third and final instalment in a decade-long series of miniature building projects by Cauty, and follows A Riot in a Jam Jar (2011-2013) and The Aftermath Dislocation Principle (2014-2016).

More at l-13.org/projects/jimmy-cauty/estate.

Previously, Cauty has, over the space of 40 years, worked as a musician, record producer, artist, cultural provocateur and now model village builder, and most notably founding member of The JAMS, The Orb, The KLF and the K Foundation with Bill Drummond.

Meanwhile, Cauty’s Scots-raised partner in the KLF, Bill Drummond, will also head to Edinburgh in May. He’s listed as part of the 10th anniversary celebrations of arts collective Neu! Reekie!. The event is set to take place on June 4th, at Kev Harman’s gallery on Montgomery Street.

Details are not 100% confirmed, with the caveats “Live performances? Live audience?” listed on a poster which also includes familiar faces in Lomond ‘Ziggy’ Campbell (out of Found), Katie Pope (an acclaimed artist as well as vocalist for The Just Joans) and Jenny Soep (‘live’ gig artist), as well as an Andrew Weatherall tribute film.

More at neureekie.scot.