King Creosote has come off the Fence in the independence debate, stating that he will vote ‘No’ on September 18th.

Despite recently premiering his From Scotland WIth Lolve album and film soundtrack, the Fence Records supremo is the first prominent indie musician to fully come out against Scottish independence, in an interview with Clash Magazine. Creosote aka Kenny Anderson, said that he believed there was no argument for independence, said:
“Glasgow or Edinburgh can’t be a Scottish London. London is a portal for the world, and Glasgow or Edinburgh isn’t. All it will do is create another level of bureaucracy and that’s not going to change anything. It’s dangerous.
He added: “The Scots are pretty good at being the reserve team – all five million of us. And Scots don’t get behind our own. We don’t accept our failures. We need someone to blame and if that’s not Westminster, who is it?”

Previously the Anstruther-based songwriter had stated that he was undecided on his country’s future, although the statement he gave in a Pop Cop feature suggested that he may have leant towards sticking with a David Cameron-led UK. In that poll of 40 alternative musicians, Steve Mason was the only household name to come out as a ‘No’, although stating he was still open to persuasion. (Justin Currie was the biggest ‘no’ name, though his spittle-flecked invective against all things Caledonian was viewed as many as some sort of ironic situationist piece).

In the same week, one other musician previously listed as ‘Undecided’, Frightened Rabbit’s Scott Hutchison, stated in a piece for is this music? that he was joining brother Grant in the Yes camp.