First, the usual preamble. It has been a great year for music coming out of Scotland (see evidence below) so even limiting ourselves to 50 albums is an impossibility (hence the musical pileup at the end of the chart).

And ordering them is just as difficult – as we always say, while some of Jockrock’s top tunes can be found towards the top end, please see the 50 as a general list of top recommendations to hear before another onslaught of quality music in 2019.

Oh, and backing up the general indecision caused by the sheer quality of albums in 2018, we were unable to decide on just one release for the #1 slot. So…

=1. Spare SnareSounds (Chute)

=1. Aidan Moffat & Moffat HubbertHere Lies The Body (Rock Action)

3. Lonely Tourist Remuneration (Tourist Info)

4. Adam StaffordFire Behind The Curtain (Song, by Toad)

5. Paper RiflesThe State Of It All (Anti-Manifesto)

6. Army of MothsSorry To Disturb You (PM)

7. Colin’s Godson In Silicon Heaven (Puzzled Aardvark)

8. We Were Promised JetpacksThe More I Sleep The Less I Dream (Big Scary Monsters)

9. MastersystemDance Music (Physical Education)

10. PilotcanBats Fly Out From Under The Bridge (EVOL)

11. Hamish HawkFrom Zero To One (Assai)
12. The Spook SchoolCould It Be Different? (Alcopop!)
13. Port SulphurParanoic Critical (Creeping Bent)
14. Strike The ColoursFlock (Deadlight)
15. Franz FerdinandAlways Ascending (Domino)

16. Hector CollectorsRemember The Hector Collectors? (Puzzled Aardvark)
17. Malcolm MiddletonBananas (Triassic Tusk)
18. Mull Historical SocietyWakelines (Xtra Mile)
19. The 10:04s A Common Wealth (10:04s)
20. BeerjacketSilver Cords (Scottish Fiction)

21. Andrew HowieMicronations (Autoclave)
22. The Proclaimers Angry Cyclist (Persevere)
23. LooperQuiet And Small (Looperama)
24. Jamie ScottGlasgow Garden Festival ’18 (Armellodie)
25. FiniflexSulliven (Finiflex)

26. Young Fathers – Cocoa Sugar (Ninja Tune)
27. IglomatIglomat (KFM)
28. Wojtek The BearA Talent For Being Unreasonable (Scottish Fiction)
29. Randolph’s LeapWorryingly Okay (Lost Map)
30. The National Jazz Trio Of Scotland Standards Vol. IV (Karaoke Kalk)

31. DropkickLongwave (Sound Asleep)
32. Tracyanne & DannyTracyanne & Danny (Merge)
33. SkidsBurning Cities (Nobad)
34. Ian DonaldsonFrom Stars We Came (ID)
35. Broken RecordsWhat We Might Know (J Sharp)

36. North Atlantic Oscillation Grind Show (Vineland)
37. Errant Boy – Memory Fractures (Errant Media)
38. Kathryn Joseph From When I Wake The Want Is (Rock Action)
39. L-Space Kipple Arcadia (Last Night From Glasgow)
40. The Filthy Tongues – Back To Hell (Blokshok)

41. CasioMTBMen… (Floppy)
42. Michael Timmons Bone Coloured (Gargleblast)
43. CandythiefImaginary Medals (Lexicon)
44. Apostille Choose Life (Upset The Rhythm)
45. The Twistettes – A Strange Play (Traffic Cone)

46. Kapil Seshasayee A Sacred Bore (Loner Noise)
47. Carla J EastonImpossible Stuff (Olive Grove)
48. Capone and the Bullets This Is Fusion (Maximum Stun)
49. Starry SkiesStarry Skies (Fox Star)
=50. Joe Kane / Radiophonic Tuckshop (Last Night From Glasgow)
=50.The Eastern SwellHand-Rolled Halo (Stereogram)
=50. Modern StudiesWelcome Strangers (Fire)

*Usual E&OE. We’re bound to have forgotten some album or other, so if your favourite is missing then best just assume that rather than it being (IMO) rubbish, it simply got overlooked, perhaps by just being so good everyone was dazzled by its brilliance or it had become so much a part of our lives that it was hiding in plain sight.