Well, it’s fair to say things have been somewhat quiet around Jockrock Towers lately, but there’s always room for a top 30 end of year chart.

So, once again, a look at (some of) the year’s top music from Scotland. It’s worth saying that while the top 5 or so are the albums we enjoyed these these past 12 months, after that it becomes more of a list of some of the good stuff we’ve come across, descending into an unseemly random selection by the time we get towards #30 (though we have, perhaps unwisely, numbered them…)

So, without further ado, here’s some of what what you hopefully already know from the past 12 months. And if not, have a listen…

1. Lichen SlowRest Lurks (Rock Action)

2. Young FathersHeavy Heavy (Ninja Tune)

3. Sun’s Signature – Suns’s Signature (Extended) (Bella Union)

4. Spare Snare The Brutal (Chute)

5. King CreosoteI DES (Domino)

6. Slow_The_Tapea quiet remainder of the day (Autoclave)

7. Hamish HawkAngel Numbers (Fire)

8. MeursaultMeursault (Common Grounds)

9. HiFi Sean & David McAlmontHappy Ending (Plastique / Last Night From Glasgow)

10. Mull Historical SocietyIn My Mind There’s A Room (Xtra Mile)

11. Belle and SebastianLate Developers (Rough Trade)

12. There Will Be FireworksSummer Moon (the imaginary kind)

13. Paper Machine MusicThe Bare Bones (Much Better)

14. Steve MasonBrothers & Sisters (Domino)

15. Sweeney Straddles The SunAdvert For The Deprived (Boffo Bear)

16. SulkaDistractions (Lost Map)

17. Weird WaveLost Map Presents… (Lost Map)

18. RaveloeExit Light (Olive Grove)

19. PopupPromise (Last Night From Glasgow)

20. Silver MothBlack Bay (Rock Action)

21. Post Coal Prom QueenMusic for First Contact (PCPQ)

22. Withered HandHow To Love (Reveal)

23. Erland CooperFolded Landscapes (Bella Union)

24. Owen McAulayMusic in Darkness (Sans Culottes)

25. Broken RecordsThe Dreamless Sleep Of The 1990s (J Sharp)

26. The Bucky RageLiving In A Cult (Bucky Rage)

27. Fiona Soe PaingSand Silt Flint (FSP)

28. Carla J EastonSugar Honey (Olive Grove)

29. Conscious RouteBelterz (True Hold)

= 30. Roy MollerSongs From Be My Baby (The Beautiful Music)

= 30. Sensory IllusionsSensory Illusions II (Karaoke Kalk)

*Usual E&OE. We’re bound to have forgotten some album or other, so if your favourite is missing then best just assume that rather than it being (IMO) rubbish, it simply got overlooked, perhaps by just being so good everyone was dazzled by its brilliance or it had become so much a part of our lives that it was hiding in plain sight.