Despite the return to normality, and more importantly live shows, the creativity of our allowed-out-in-the-real-world musicians remains unabated.

So what better time to look at some of the year’s top music from Scotland. (This time we’ve opted for a Top 13 and then the other 50 or so ‘best of the rest’ in alphabetical order. Don’t ask). Impressively, only two of the total are unavailable to purchase / hear on Bandcamp.

So, without further ado, here’s some of what what you hopefully already know from the past 12 months. And if not, have a listen…

1. Jill LoreanThis Rock (Monohands)

2. Gentle SinnersThese Actions Cannot Be Undone (Rock Action)

3. PumajawScapa Foolscap (Self-released)

4. Port SulphurSpeed of Life (Creeping Bent)

5. A New InternationalLost and Later Songs (ANI)

6. Amateur CultThe Mirrored Pattern (Armellodie)

7. Pictish TrailIsland Family (Fire)

8. Hank TreeThe Big North (Olive Grove)

9. Reverse CowgirlsFortis Et Fidus (RC)

10. WhinDawn Firth (Latarena)

11. Mood TaegAnaphora Versions (Happy Robots)

12. Savage MansionGolden Mountain Here I Come (Lost Map)

13. RitterskampCryptic (RS)

And the best of the rest, this time in alphabetical order…

Adam RossStaring At Mountains (Olive Grove)
Andrew Eaton Lewis Tourism (Wee Studio)
Andrew Wasylyk Hearing the Water Before Seeing The Falls (Clay Pipe Music)
Astroturf Inspector My Bones Are Singing (New Teeth)
Belle & SebastianA Bit of Previous (Matador)
BisSystems Music for Home Defence (LNFG)
Butterscotch & Damaged Goodz – Brothers From Another Planet
CafollaThe March Onto Forever
C DuncanAlluvium (Bella Union)
Chris ConnellyEulogy to Christa: A Tribute to the Music & Mystique of Nico
Dave ArcariDevil May Care
Duncan MarquissWires Turned Sideways Through Time (Basin Rock)
Fergus McCreadieForest Floor (Edition)
Fiona Soe PaingSand Silt Flint
Gordon McintyreEven With the Support of Others
GutterbloodGutterblood L.P.
Goodnight LouisaHuman Danger
Hailey BeavisI’ll Put You Under Where The Trombone Slides (OK Pal)
Happy ParticlesEvery Room In My House Is In Darkness
Jamie ButtonLost In Local Life
Joe HoweWyped Out
John RobertsonThe Atomic Facts of Love
Kapil SeshasayeeLaal (Self-released)
Katherine AlyShadows Are Made Of Light Too
Kathryn JosephFor You Who Are Wronged (Rock Action)
The Little KicksPeople Need Love
Lomond CampbellUnder This Hunger Moon We Fell (One Little Independent)
Modern StudiesWe Are There
The 1990sNude Restaurant
Nyx NóttThemes From
Popcorn FiendMilos Is Reborn
Poster PaintsPoster Paints (Olive Grove)
SALTFairytale On Fire
Starry SkiesSmall Wonders
Steg G Surface Pressure
Stephen McLaren – They Don’t Put Any Money in Your Pocket, Son (Errant Media)
The Strange Blue DreamsSimple Machine (Holy Smokes)
Susan BearAlter (Lost Map)
TST: The Southern TenantHallowe’en Hits Vol. 1

*Usual E&OE. We’re bound to have forgotten some album or other, so if your favourite is missing then best just assume that rather than it being (IMO) rubbish, it simply got overlooked, perhaps by just being so good everyone was dazzled by its brilliance or it had become so much a part of our lives that it was hiding in plain sight.