Yes, Jockrock celebrates two decades since it crept onto the web (and into print) with a show on Friday October 20th.

Ballboy, Mitchell Museum, Stoor and David MacGregor (of Kid Canaveral) will perform for a capacity crowd (well, we can dream) at Stereo in Glasgow. It’s an early gig, doors at 7pm, with the throng able to retire across the road for DJs, including radio’s Jim Gellatly, spinning the finest moments in Scottish indie rock from the past 20 years until the wee sma’ hours.

Tickets are a tenner (plus booking fee) and available online via Stereo’s website as well as at Tickets Scotland (in person as well) plus they’re available in person at Monorail.
(There’s also a Facebook event page)
More (much more) to follow…