Jock Scot – the poet and recording artist associated with Glasgow’s Creeping Bent record label – has died, aged 64.

Born in Musselburgh in 1952, Jock Scot initially worked with the likes of The Clash, Ian Dury, Vivian Stanshall, Taj Mahal and The B52s in a variety of roles ranging from press officer to roadie.

More recently – from the 1990s onward – he began a new carer as a poet feted by the likes of Belle & Sebastian, The Libertines and British Sea Power. His album ‘My Personal Culloden’ was recorded with The Nectarine No.9 and originally released in 1997 by Postcard Records, but reissued last year by Heavenly. Although suffering with cancer, he outlived doctors’ predictions giving him enough time to launch the re-release at the Heavenly Social alongside the NN9 and British Sea Power in September 2015.

On the album’s reissue, Irvine Welsh said: “Jock Scot is, along with Iggy Pop and Paddy Stanton, one of my all-time heroes. A Musselburgh superstar.”

A record label statement and obituary can be found at the Heavenly Facebook page.