Fence Records artists including King Creosote and On The Fly are to appear at their ‘home’ venue, Anstruther’s Hew Scott Hall, to raise awareness of the poor state of the hall, as well as Anstruther Wester Town Hall and St Nicholas Tower – Hew Scott Hall is actually closed and will require emergency works tomake it usable in time for the gig.

The show, on Tuesday, June 2nd, is hosted by The Anstruther Improvements Association (AIA), and KT Tunstall and author Ian Rankin have offered their support to the campaign .

Also in the lineup are Cynthia Gentle and the Truetones and Waid band, Black Power.

The gig is part of an ongoing drive by the AIA to raise awareness of the poor state of the Hew Scott Hall, It is hoped that support for the campaign will lead to upgraded facilities in both halls for performing arts events and community activities, and to provide a community cafe.

The AIA also has an online petition to support the project at www.petitiononline.com/AIA999/petition.html.
More at www.anstrutherimprovementsassociation.org