Glasgow’s arts scene is under threat from a new Public Entertainment Licence law, which could cost anyone promoting exhibitions or public shows up to £7500.

Any event, even if free or of a non-profit-making nature, need a licence costing between £124 and £7500.

The new charges could see an end to shows in artist-run spaces or flats which will be subject to the tax which comes into play from April 1st.

It would even include derelict or abandoned properties, like The Chateau, which put on early Franz Ferdinand shows.

Alex Kapranos tweeted: “So, Glasgow council is trying to destroy any artistic life the city has? That’s bright.”

A fine of £20,000 and/or six months’ imprisonment awaits anyone who breaks the law by operating an unlicenced show.

As you might expect no-one apart form the council accountants are happy about this – you can express your disgust by signing this petition