jimgellatlyJim GTuned In is one of those ‘industry events’ where Glasgow’s bands, musicians and budding industry professionals can meet and listen to the wise words of music industry types. As well as bringing together some familiar Scottish industry names, the event will also play host to two London-based industry veterans; music journalist Eamonn Forde and Craig McNeil from Beggars. Local chancers involved include Belle and Sebastian manager John Williamson, DJ Jim Gellatly, veteran music industry consultant Tam Coyle, singer-songwriter Jenny Reeve (Strike The Colours, Malcolm Middleton, Arab Strap, Eva), Gareth Russell (Idlewild), Stephen Fleming (Cosmic Rough Riders). Oh, and some bloke that runs an indie-schmindie website with a tartan background. Panels and Q&A sessions will cover topics such as ‘Starting Out’, ‘Going Digital’ and a demo feedback session. Tickets, which are limited, can be obtained via 0141 276 1617.