The inspiration behind Franz Ferdinand’s song ‘Jacqueline’ is to enter politics.

The opening track on the Glasgow-based band’s debut album is clearly named after a friend of the band, but the identity of the subject has never been common knowledge – until now.

Singer Alex Kapranos tweeted “Yes, this is THAT Jacqueline.” adding “Good luck to you! Xx ”

Jacqueline Cameron is standing in the Johnstone South and Elderslie ward for Renfrewshire Council in the elections on May 4th.

“We were all living in the west end of Glasgow,” the Scotsman reported. “I had been living in London but moved back in 1997. I went out with Paul Thomson, the drummer, for about four years.

“Everybody seemed to be a band – but you could tell Franz were the ones who would make it.”

Ms. Cameron, now an advocacy worker for people with disabilities, pointed out it was noyt unusual for the band’s friends to be name-checked in song

“There’s a guy called Gregor mentioned in the other half of the song – but I think because it’s called Jacqueline everybody remembers it,” she added.

The song’s opening line mentions Jacqueline meeting Ivor Cutler, but other Friends of Franz do get namechecked in song including “Michael” – Kasparis, currently of Glasgow-based band Apostile.