Edinburgh’s Forest Cafe, whose whose current home is facing closure in August 2011, is the subject of a massive fundraising effort to hopefully save the arts and music venue in some form, which has been instrumental in the development of many local musicians, including Withered Hand (pictured)

Roofraiser will, by the end of April, have seen 60 artists, 200 musicians, and several of the city’s established music promoters contribute to the effort, spearheaded by Edinburgh-based music download company Ten Tracks.

Over the course of the run, Ten Tracks hopes to showcase over 500 musicians in Bristo Hall, upstairs at The Forest, where donations will be taken.

For the launch campaign, 10 specially curated works of art – chosen from over 60 submissions – are having their work printed and posted around town.

More at Roofraiser’s Facebook page.