The BBC has announced proposals to scrap the Introducing set of shows on Radio One, which include the Introducing in Scotland version, hosted by Ally McCrae every Sunday night from midnight to 2am.
The moves are part of the Beeb’s recently-announced restructuring plans – titled, with some irony, ‘Delivering Quality First’. The Wales and Northern Ireland versions are also under threat, the plan being to merge the programmes into one ‘centralised’ UK-wide new music show.

The show’s remit is to provide “the best new unsigned, undiscovered and under the radar music in Scotland”, which many, ourselves at Jockrock included, believe it achieves without fail every week.

Inevitably protests from music fans and musicians have already been voiced – a Facebook group has been set up and an e-petition is available for signing.

The BBC Trust has promised to consult licence payers on these plans and the public have until December 21 to make their views known.