Scottish indie label Song, By Toad is to celebrate its 10th anniversary by… er, shutting down.

The Edinburgh-based imprint began life a decade ago when at-the-time music blogger Matthew Young offered to put out an album by Broken Records if they were unable to find someone to release it. Happily for the band 4AD stepped in, but Young decided to carry on with his mission, bringing to an unsuspecting public Meursault’s ‘Pissing on Bonfires / Kissing with Tongues’.

This was followed by the Neil Pennycook-fronted act’s ‘All Creatures Will Make Merry’ and what was a time-consuming calling/hobby turned into a full-time job, enabling Young to devote time to “gin and swearing” (the label’s motto, or perhaps raison d’etre) as well as setting up a studio and occasional venue in his garage.

Song, by Toad also released music from some of the most acclaimed Scottish indie releases of the past 10 years: King Creosote, Siobhan Wilson, eagleowl, David Thomas Broughton, Jonnie Common, Modern Studies, Sparrow and the Workshop, Naked, Paws and Rob St John all releasing music with the Leith-based label.

Notable successes included releases by Adam Stafford reaching the Scottish Album of The Year longlist (with ‘Imaginary Walls Collapse’, also Jockrock’s Album of the Year for 2013) while Siobhan Wilson’s’There Are No Saints’ made the final 10 this year.

There was also the smaller accolade for DTHPDL’s ‘The Future’, coming (equal) top of Jockrock’s 2016 poll, while recent signings Modern Studies went on to be signed by lenendary indie label Fire Records.

A statement by the label’s founder read: “It’s nothing dramatic, but I am a full-time parent now, I can’t really do both, and honestly my priorities have just changed. Ten years seems like a nice round number anyway.”

On the label’s success, Young said in an interview with The List: “I didn’t realise how few labels there were out there,’ says Young, ‘and that someone who’s willing to be organised and hard-working and reliable, that puts you at a massive advantage over most people who are working in music.”

The label has a final Split 12″ in the offing, and a final show at Leith Depot on Friday September 28th.

“We came, we swore, we conquered.”

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