The Edinburgh Film Festival, which runs in the capital from 15th – 16th June, has something of a mcuical theme this year. The festival has undergone personnel changes recently and it seems that with these changes has come a new approach.

Mike Skinner, (aka the Streets) will staging his own event, inspired by his favourite film soundtracks, in an open-air venue in St Andrew Square Garden. And at Tevoit Row’s Debating House, there’s a late-night event hosted by Chemikal Underground – featuring those fans of The Shining, The Unwinding Hours, on June 21st.

There will also be several music-themed documentaries, including climate change film Burning Ice, featuring Jarvis Cocker, Martha Wainwright and KT Tunstall; a Bob Marley biopic; and Troubadours, which profiles the likes of Carole King, James Taylor and Joni Mitchell.

Ewan McGregor is hoped to be in Edinburgh for the UK premiere of fellow Scot David Mackenzie’s new sci-fi thriller Perfect Sense, which features an on-screen appearance from Dunfermline electronic act Cruiser. Also on show will be the a romantic comedy based in Glasgow, Fast Romance, whose soundtrack includes tracks from A Band Called Quinn, Kasule, The Dirty Cuts, Esther O’Connor, Den Haan and Maggie Reilly.