A documentary on Edwyn Collins‘ recovery from his near-fatal stroke in 2005 is to premiere at South by South West in Texas in March.

The film, entitled The Possibilities Are Endless, is directed by Edward Lovelace and James Hall, responsible for a behind-the-scenes documentary on pop star Katy Perry, ‘Part Of Me’.

The film’s title comes from one of four phrases that the former orange Juice frontman could speak following his illness – the others being yes, no and the name of his wife, Grace Maxwell. She narrates the film along with Collins, while their son William plays his father in the early part of his career. The story is told from Collins’# perspective, and focuses on his recovery with reference to Helmsdale in the Highlands, where his family had a home.

Collins is now working on his ninth solo album – mainly instrumental, it will form part of the film’s soundtrack and be released later this year.

(see The Herald and The Guardian for more on the film).