Scottish folk legend Dick Gaughan has announced that he will boycott Celtic Connections’ opening night, as a protest against his perceived bias of the BBC in its referendum coverage.

According to the Deadline News Agency, Gaughan was invited to take part in the opening night of the festival on January 1th at Glasgow’s Royal Concert Hall. However, the Leith-born singer-songwriter said that he found the coverage of the BBB of the independence battle “intolerable,” describing it as ” biased, selective and partisan”.

The singer also said: “After the referendum last September, I made the decision that I would not cooperate any longer with BBC Scotland so long as the current regime remains in place.
He added: “When I was invited to take part in the opening concert, I agreed provisionally on the condition that my contribution to it would be neither recorded nor transmitted by BBC Scotland.

Gaughan has another date at Celtic Connections concert on the 21st of January, which as far as we know is not scheduled for transmission.

A Celtic Connections spokesperson said: “We’re delighted that there will also be a TV audience. It is up to each individual artist what concerts they decide to take part in during the festival.”

The BBC Scotland said : “While it’s disappointing for our audiences that Dick Gaughan will not be performing, it promises to be a memorable occasion. We completely disagree with the criticism of our reporting of the Referendum.”