Coldplay have paid tribute to Frightened Rabbit’s singer and songwriter, Scott Huchison, by ‘covering’ one of his songs.

The band have released a pair of singles to trail their forthcoming album, and one, ‘Champion Of The World’, has a co-write credit for the writers of Owl John’s ‘Los Angeles Be Kind’.

Owl John was Hutchison’s solo project, releasing one album on Atlantic Records in 2014. Andy Monaghan and Simon Liddel also co-wrote the music on all 10 tracks on the record, while Scott Hutchison wrote the lyrics.

Of his band’s new single, Coldplay singer Chris Martin said: “Scott had a song called ‘Los Angeles Be Kind’, which I love. When I first heard it, I thought it was going to go one way; but it went another. Anyway ‘Champion Of The World’ is the song that came from following the other path, and that’s why Scott is a co-writer on this song. Today (November 20) is also his birthday. So happy birthday Scott and Thankyou for your beautiful music, wherever you are.”

The Coldplay song, and the other single, ‘Daddy’, come from the band’s new album ‘Everyday Life’, which is out on Friday November 22nd. The band have also announced that they will not be touring in support of the album, as it would not be “environmentally beneficial”.