Shetland’s last-remaining independent record shop, Clive’s, has closed its doors for the last time.

The premises opened in December 1979 in what is now the Shetland Folk Festival office, in Burns Lane
before moving to Commercial Street. It moved a little down the road in 1990 where it has remained for the past 2 decades, run by the eponymous Clive Munro and for most of the past two decades has been run by Clive in partnership with his sister, Caroline Miller.

Lerwick local, the BBC’s Tom Morton, recently hinted that there might be a change of heart from the owner, but it now appears that no means no.

Digital sales, an extension to the local Tesco, and the likes of Amazon and are cited as the reasons for the decline in sales which has forced the closure – read the piece on the local Shetland Life, or a more in-depth pioefe by the same author in the Scotsman’s Radar section.