Capital FM, a radiop station with a franchise in Glasgow, has applied to the Ofcom to change its programing. For younger listeners, the station was previously Xfm Scotland (and Beat106 before that) before its current owners changed it to provide what seems to be 24 hour pop.
So quite what difference a format change could make is unclear – the original description of “at least 30 hours a week of identifiable specialist music programmes” has been roundly ignored by every one of the station’s owners over the last decade, and the ‘watchdogs’ of the Radio Authority and now Ofcom have seemed too toothless or feckless to intervene.

However, there is apparently a show by former Xfm DJ Mash which carries the ‘specialist’ flag tucked away in some graveyard slot, though whether it is 30 hours in length is unclear. Sadly the consultation process had ended by the time we got to hear about it, so listeners may be left to moan about things after the fact rather than riot in the streets.
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