Edinburgh’s city councillors are set to give the go-ahead for property developers to knock down the legendary night club which hosted shows by a range of famous names, including Nirvana.

Square and Crescent have re-submitted amended plans to demolish the Calton Road building which housed Calton Studios and later Studio 24, with the council ready to green-light the move.

An application to build 24 flats on the site was refused by Edinburgh City Council in March, with an appeal being dismissed by the Scottish Government due to the construction spoiling the view in what is a conservation area.

However, a slightly smaller development is to get the go-ahead – despite affordable housing not being included in the proposal, although the developer is to commit cash to a scheme elsewhere.

Studio 24 closed its doors for the final time in mid-2017, with the team running the venue saying that they felt it was “better to jump than be pushed”, following noise complaints from local residents who, presumably, had not realised that they were purchasing property beside a night club.

Previously, under its Calton Studios name, the venue hosted what have become legendary shows by Nirvana, plus The Vaselines, in 1990, and again in November 1991 with Eugene Kelly’s new band Captain America. Mudhoney and Smashing Pumpkins also played shows there in the early 1990s, as did Pere Ubu, Julian Cope and Tommy Smith.