David Bowie has dropped a strong hint that he will appear at one of Scotland’s music festivals this summer.

The subtle clue to his plans, delivered via Kate Moss at the Brit Awards in London, has been interpreted as his intention to fulfil his long-standing Scottish outdoor show commitment following the cancelation of his T in the Park appearance in 2004.

That unfortunate no-show – due to Bowie’s ill health and which saw The Darkness or someone being pushed up the bill – has never been rectified – until now. But with “Scotland, stay with us” hinting at more information to come, and the T in the Park lineup announcement due next Tuesday, the 25th February, the Brit winner’s likely appearance will be sure to boost sales for Scotland’s biggest music event, which may be in its final year at its Balado site.

However, some industry commentators have read a more sinister hidden meaning into the 67-year-old superstar’s four-word message, with some believing it to be an appeal for Scots to vote ‘No’ in the forthcoming independence referendum. This view has been roundly dismissed by most experts, pointing out that Bowie has not lived in the UK since the early 1970s, and the last time he got involved in politics it was in his more chemically-altered years, when he advocated a right-wing future for Britain. For Bowie to get involved in any kind of constitutional debate would, therefore, seem ill-advised, and unlikely.

Meanwhile, Scottish music fans await further news on his touring schedule.