Edinburgh music social club, Born To Be Wide, hosts one of its regular seminars at Edinburgh’s Electric Circus on Thursday 6 October, at 7 p.m. This time it focuses on video – how to make a clip, how to generate money with it and how to most effectively use it for promotion.

Panellists include KFM Records’ Scott Macdonald, a label whose no-budget videos have frequently been appeared on MTV. Also on the panel is Detour‘s David Weaver, the Scottish website which shots bands playing in unusual locations. And, Aman Khullar, head of TV licensing at the collection society Video Performance Limited, will explain how to register promos, protect copyright and collect money from plays.

See www.borntobewide.co.uk for tickets and more info.
Here’s a video of ‘Apollo Creed’ by KFM signings The Magnificents – and in related news, half of the band will re-emerge in October under the name Tipirug with an EP, ‘Flippers Paws Hands & Claw’.

The Magnificents – Apollo Creed by MushRecords