A new book charting the history of Glasgow music via the buildings housing it has been published by Waverley Books. Dear Green Music is a kind of print version of Walking Heads, if you will.

The tome, numbering close on 200 pages, covers a variety of music venues and other deemed crucial in the development of music in the city through the ages. Venues as diverse as Glasgow Cathedral, The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, The Scotia Bar, Barrowland Ballroom, The Piping Centre, The Apollo, Grand Ole Opry, Sub Club. There’s also chapters on BBC Scotland, Postcard Records (less a building, more of a wardrobe) and, incongruously, graveyard of music the SECC. Equally oddly, there’s no chapter devoted to the 13th Note despite the whole Scottish indie scene of the past 20 years stemming from there. (Perhaps it will show up in the section on Mono, our review copy hasn’t arrived yet).

Among the contributors are former is this music? writers Vic Galloway and Malcolm Jack, as well as pretty much the entire staff of The Herald including Keith Bruce and Neil Cooper. The hardback is available now, see below.