This should really be in the TV section, but anyway… the BBC Music Video festival is currently running, centred in the Norwich Forum until October 1st, but also has a presence around the UK via those big outdoor screens that usually show the news, or the rugby.

If you watch carefully then a video from A Band Called Quinn, The Bird and te Monkey orEsperi may show up alongside the likes of Chase and Status, Elbow and Wiley, these having made the ‘playlist’ for the event.
This of course relying on you either visiting East Anglia, or being in a town with one of these monstrously large tellies. Closest one is probably the one on Edinburgh’s Lothian Road.

More on Big Screen Facebook site, or here’s the Quinn video in a slightly smaller format.

A Band Called Quinn – Wolf Cries Boy by Uisdean Murray from BBC Music Video Festival on Vimeo.