Avalanche Records is preparing to close for good, following a decline in business making business unviable.

The music shop, which has been part of Edinburgh’s scene for oer 30 years, will close its only remaining outlet in St Mary’s Street at the end of March.

Avalanche started life on West Nicolson Street, and at one point had four branches in the capital as well as a Glasgow store (now LoveMusic). However, the economic downturn and move of the music inustry towards online sales led to the closure of all but one shop, which moved from the Mound to the Grasmarket and via a pop-up shop at the Cabaret Voltaire to its final resting place.

The shop has threatened to close its doors completely in the past but has previously managed to remain in business. However, speaking to the Edinburgh Evening News, owner Kevin Buckle said: “It’s clear there’s no point in having a shop where you just stand there for hours and wait for somebody to come in. Shopping has changed in Edinburgh. It’s not as if the website won’t be there.”

There are also plans to set up a museum of Scottish music”:
“The history of the venues and the labels – it would be a real tourist attraction. It would have an Edinburgh focus, but it would cover the whole of Scotland.
“The important thing is, it won’t just be a history – it will go right through to the new bands as well. We would have all the current bands. I just want to give it a chance.”

Avalanche’s blog also states that the shop will not participate in this year’s Record Store Day.

More at www.avalancherecords.co.uk.