Funny sort of year. I’d been thinking that it might have been a poorer year for music than 2013, but then I realised I had 50 albums – 51 in fact, it’s never a round number – worthy of a mention in this year-end list.

Funny though, in that a lot of the albums at the top end came in early (very early in the case of our #1), and then a bit of a lull before a late flurry which took us up to a half-century of releases of note.

As ever, the top 10 have been pretty much constants on the Jockrock turntable / iPod / eight-track, while the rest could all easily have switched positions within their subdivisions or 5 or 10.

Enough spraffing on… without further ado, in the humble opinion of the staff writers (ahem) at… the top 50 albums of 2014.

1. How To Swim – Niagarama (Pledge)

2. The Second Hand Marching Band A Hurricane, A Thunderstorm (Marching Orders)
3. Lonely TouristShouting At Weather (Tourist Info)
4. Roy Moller My Week Beats Your Year (Stereogram)
5. We Were Promised JetpacksUnravelling (Fat Cat)

6. The Phantom BandStrange Friend (Chemikal Underground)
7. The Twilight SadNobody Wants To Be Here and Nobody Wants To Leave (Fat Cat)
8. Jonnie CommonTrapped (Song, by Toad)
9. Owl JohnOwl John (Fat Cat)
10. Fat Goth One Hundred Percent Suave (Hefty Dafty)

11. PAWSYouth Culture Forever (Fat Cat)
12. Young Fathers Dead (Big Dada)
13. The Grand GesturesThird (Chute)
14. North Atlantic OscillationThe Third Day (KScope)
15. DeathcatsAll Hail Deathcats! (Fuzzkill)

16. Turning PlatesThe Shouting Cave (self-released)
17. Honeyblood Honeyblood (Fat Cat)
18. MogwaiRave Tapes (Rock Action)
19. Beerjacket Darling Darkness (self-released)
20. King CreosoteFrom Scotland With Love (Domino)

21. Poor ThingsPoor Things (Saraseto)
22. Dan Lyth and the EuphratesBenthic Lines (Armellodie)
23. Machines in Heaven bordersbreakdown (Hotgem)
24. Owen McAulayThe Line (Sans Culottes)
25. Remember RememberForgetting The Present (Rock Action)

26. The Vaselines V For Vaselines (Rosary)
27. Broken RecordsWeights & Pulleys (J Sharp)
28. The Jellyman’s DaughterThe Jellyman’s Daughter (self-released)
29. Randolph’s LeapClumsy Knot (Olive Grove)
30. Chris Devotion & the ExpectationsBreak Out (Armellodie)

31. Algernon DollOmphalic (Struggletown)
32. John Knox Sex Club Oh Wow Must Be The Devel (Instinctive Racoon)
33. Penguins Kill Polar BearsBuilding Homes From Broken Bones (self-released)
34. Dr Cosmo’s Tape Lab Ever Evolving Lounge (self-released)
35. RM Hubbert Ampersand Extras (Chemikal Underground)

36. Stanley OddA Thing Brand New (A Modern Way)
37. Paul & PierreEggs Benedict With Mr.Wu On The Seahorse Monorail (self-released)
38. FatalistsUnwelded (Gamma Proforma)
39. The Hazey JanesLanguage Of Faint Theory (Armellodie)
40. Andrew Montgomery Ruled By Dreams (Montgomery)

41. National Jazz Trio of Scotland Standards Vol. III (Karaoke Kalk)
42. The Ladywell LoutGadgies and Radges (self-released)
43. James YorkstonThe Cellardyke Recording And Wassailing Society (Domino)
44. James King and the LonewolvesLost Songs of the Confederacy (Stereogram)
45. Colonel Mustard & The Dijon 5 – Party To Make Music To Party To Make Music To Party To 1 (Yellow Movement)

46. Withered Hand New Gods (Fortuna Pop!)
47. LokiGovernment Issue Music Protest (Black Lantern)
48. Louise RutkowskiDiary of a Lost Girl (self-released)
49. Felix ChampionThis Lateral Life (Bloc+Music)
50. Prince Fatty versus Mungo’s Hi Fi (Scotch Bonnet)
50. The Last BattleLay Your Burden Down (self-released)