We always say this, but picking the Scottish albums of 2013 was pretty tricky. We’ve tried to limit ourselves to a top 40 in a pop pickers kind of way (if you imagine that phrase then choose your DJ who’s voicing it very carefully).

As with last year’s chart, the order of our favourite 40 long players is fairly fluid, but the number one has been a fairly constant fixture at the top of the list.
Anyway, without further ado, in the humble opinion of the staff writers (ahem) at jockrock.org… the top 40 albums of 2013.

1. Adam Stafford – Imaginary Walls Collapse (Song, by Toad)

2. The Pastels Slow Summits (Domino)
3. ScunnerThe Cult of Bast ( )
4. Saint Max and the Fanatics Saint Max is Missing and the Fanatics are Dead (Armellodie)
5. CuratorsThe Cold In The Walls (Anti Manifesto)

6. The Strangers Almanac Those Tremendous Mountains ( )
7. Spare Snare Her Jazz (Chute)
8. Rick RedbeardFoolish Heart (Chemkial Underground)
9. Man Without Machines – The Kreuzberg Press (Man Vs Man)
10. RM Hubbert Breaks & Bone (Chemkial Underground)

11. Edwyn Collins Understated (Domino)
12. Frightened Rabbit Pedestrian Verse (Atlantic)
13. National Jazz Trio of ScotlandStandards Vol II (Karaoke Kalk)
14. Kid CanaveralNow That You Are A Dancer (Fence)
15. Kill The Captains Sounds Mean (Armellodie)

16. Fat GothStud ( )
17. There Will Be FireworksThe Dark, Dark Bright (Comets and Cartwheels)
18. The Grand Gestures Second (Chute)
19. A Band Called QuinnBiding Time (Remix) (Tromolo)
20. WoodenboxEnd Game (Olive Grove)

21. Camera ObscuraDesire Lines (Domino)
22. Washington IrvingPalomides (Instinctive Raccoon)
23. Mouse Eat MouseWoof ( )
24. The Pictish Trail Secret Soundz Vol. 2 (Fence)
25. Reverse CowgirlsHokum ( )

26. Franz Ferdinand Right Thoughts Right Words Right Actions (Domino)
27. eagleowlThis Silent Year (Fence)
28. JazzateersRough 46 (Creeping Bent)
29. Boards Of CanadaTomorrow’s Harvest (Warp)
30. Chris FlewWhite Notes on Minor 9ths ( )

31. Monoganon FAMILY (Lost Map)
32. The ParaffinsSubhuman (Earspook)
33. Ritterskamp – The Last Third ( )
34. Miss The OccupierKeeping Company With Wolves ( )
35. Capitals – A National Service ( )

36. Hey Enemy – Random Acts of Malpractice (Winning Sperm Party)
37. Attic Lights Super De Luxe (Elefant)
38. Collar Up Ghosts (Permwhale)
39. GaloshinsEP1 / EP2 (Armellodie)
40.= Conquering Animal Sound – On Floating Bodies (Chemikal Underground)
40.= Homework 13 Towers ( )

In true Oscars style, we come to the spcecial category section…
Trips and Falls was well up in the top 20, but our adjudicator stepped in – the Canadian band are Jockrock-friendly but not Scottish in any other way bar their Edinburgh label Song, By Toad (which has done very well already, thanks very much).

E&OE – betwen making the list and publishing it someone mentioned that Biffy were absent. Not actually heard it, was never sent a review copy… enjoyed the singles on the radio etc but didn’t go out of my way to hear / buy it as there’s so much music on the go. (Actually, the same applies to Franz whose album I’ve not heard in one go but it has made the chart on the strength of tunes heard here and there with the rest filled out at the preview gig – which is a bit odd maybe, but there you go).

Martin John Henry’s was one of a few EPs which kind of snuck out – indeed, ‘Rarities’ seems to be just that as I can’t actually find a link to it…

Same goes for ballboy – ‘Merry Christmas to the Drunks, Merry Christmas to the Lovers‘ IS a proper chargeable download but just a wee bit late. And in that no man’s land of ‘is it a single or album?’ (no, it’s an EP).

Speaking of which, no finer at bending the rules is The Littlest Album series – 7” single, 12 tracks each one minute long Volume 4 came out this yer and should be mentioned. As should the kind of related (personnel-wise) releases by GUMS! – Antipathy – 6 tracks there was well – and the relentless onslaught of eccentric pop from Colin’s Godson, whose mini=albums / EPs usually come disguised as 7” singles with elaborate cartoon sleeves (They also seem to come out every few months.
We dn’t hold truck with compilations either, well, not that there were that many in 2013, but the Human Is Not Alone one is of particular note.
Not maney reissues I’m aware of, but AC Acoustics‘ extended version of ‘Victory Parts’ is the top scorer.
Finally, singles – Book Group‘s first EP ‘Homeward Sound’ nicks it ahead of ahead of Behold The Old Bear‘s ‘Own Worst Enemy’.

Oh, and really finally – for a more cosmopolitan take on 2013’s albums, have a read at is this music?’s writers’ poll