Edinburgh’s Cabaret Voltaire’s future is uncertain following its taking over by G1 Group, the pub and club company owned by Stefan King.

A Facebook campaign to ‘save’ the venue has already been set up with rumours that the venue becoming a stag and hen party being a fait accompli circulating.
However, a spokeswoman for the firm, which also runs the West End Ghillie Dhu venue, said: “In a separate deal this week, G1 Group purchased the freehold of Cabaret Voltaire nightclub.
“The company will, however, play a very hands-off role given the success and importance of venue director Sarah David’s legacy.
“Sarah will continue to enjoy full autonomy in the running of the venue.”

King’s IONApub Partnership also bought former jazz venue Eighty Queen Street, hen party pub The Three Sisters, Biddy Mulligans, the Bank Hotel and the Murrayfield Hotel.