jockrock poll 2007

the 2007 jockrock poll

Here are the nominations, as selected by writers from is this music? plus of course, the jockrock committee, for the Scottish movers and shakers of 2007. (For 'international' acts, see the is this music? poll linked at the bottom of the page-you will be redirected to this after you cast your vote).
Jockrock has in the past allowed entry to all categories to artists simply Scots-resident and if Franz and Snow Patrol had made records this year then they'd doubtless be on this list.

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We (reluctantly) accept entries from bands with faux-American, and even Dundonian accents, though the vast majority seem to have a Scots brogue - hurrah!
Solo? Is a bloke with a laptop a solo artist? Yes, but not as people in the singer-songwriters set know it! Next year we'll have a separate 'blokes with acoustics' section, and it'll be full too...
A plethora of female singer-songwriters coming to our attention, partly on the back of KT Tunstall we suspect but with the odd established name producing music, pretty much, solo.
The difficulty in reducing this to 20 tracks shows how healthy Scottish music is - from the chart hits of Biffy and Idlewild to the mp3-only of Juno with former chart star Manda Rin via the final Aereogramme opus, it's no easy choice.
The list even includes more than one re-release reflecting the trend to get old viny to CD (Scars) and CD to mp3 (Cruiser). That and landmark albums from KT, KC and The View alongside just-as-deserving from Foxface and The Stantons.
jockrock's "commitment to new music" (corporate mission statement) means that many of the live acts can be seen regularly on the scene around our main cities and quite possibly at itm? shows.
Ah, the 'newcomer'. Many of these bands were formed previous to 2007, but have only become known' (at least to us here) in this year. Call us slow on the uptake I guess. Though since we never had a poll last year we've got some catching up to do!
Personally selected by the Jockrock crew, each video on the list contains not only the high-quality music we expect but whether via a multi-million record-company budget, or home-made, some excellent creative filmmaking talent is behind each it. (watch the contenders here)
The top 10 places to see Scottish music? Maybe... we know our favourite but as they say, it's up to you
It's been a busy year for festivals whether of the muddy field (Connect) or the 'series of gigs in a nice hall' (Tigerfest) variety.