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Listen to some of Scotland's most promising unsigned talent via these demo clips. Choose the band you're interested in, or pick one by genre, and click on the (you'll need RealPlayer).

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band track genre
Aether Flux Outside experimental beats
the Alpachinos Cortina nu-punk
the Beaker People Absent Friends semi-acoustic indie-folk
Bedroom Heroes  Barbara and Joe   trip-flop
Bendy Toy Thin Ice bigbeat dancemix
The Boris Mental sports-goth
Chimaera Comatose indie-dance
Cool Heels Living Without You classic songwriting
Degrassi Air Force mathcore
Frantic Chant New Breed indie big-beat
Grim Northern Social snap the imposters varied songwriting
House return to former glory indie-rock
Loki dark island dark guitar-pop
Mouse Eat Mouse Hush Nou performance art soundtrack
The Nova Express Colours I've Never Seen psych-pop
Pentothal 3 Weeks slowcore
Pupkin On Replay classic indie-rock
The Reales Charly Brown anthemic indiepop
the Setting Room Another night at the deli counter acoustic electro-pop
Slider Walk Away dubhop
the Splinter Group Diatribe bedroom stadium rock
Stonecold Inspiration riot-grrl
Troika  Camera Track music to march to
Verbal Long Division instrospective alt.rock
Vinylreverb soundgarden prog-grunge
Won Mississippi Touch Typists alt.grungepopcrossover
Yessa de Paso Cargo Bay quietcore