Prolapse have announced plans to reform for a couple of gigs in 2015.

The Leicester-formed quintet, fronted by “Scottish” Mick Derrick split around the turn of the millennium following four albums – for Cherry Red, Lissys, Radar and Cooking Vinyl – and because known for their gripping live performances with the tension between the co-vocalists.

Little has been heard of the band’s members since – the Glasgow-born frontman works as an archaeologist in Norway, his co-vocalist Linda Steelyard works as a journalist in Leicester, Patrick Marsden is based in Denmark, David Jeffreys moved to the USA to work at Savannah College, with only Tim Pattison on the musical radar as drummer with MJ Hibbett’s Validators.

Despite the distances involved, the band play Glasgow’s Barrowland on June 20th and a show in London on the 24th.

Quizzed on any plans to reform ‘properly’ to record new material, Derrick said: “Probably not. If we do it’ll be for a one-sided single limited with free cufflinks or something.”