The Phantom Band release their third album, entitled ‘Strange Friend’ on 2nd June – again on Chemikal Underground.

The nine-tracker follows up 2009’s Checkmate Savage, and sophomore effort The Wants, which appeared over three years ago in 2011.

The band recorded the bulk of the material at Chem 19 in Blantyre, working with Paul Savage, and then The Wants’ engineer Derek O’Neill again, with some recording done in their own studio, the band more involved in the production process this time round.

The sextet – with a new drummer, Iain Stewart – have stated that the album comes from a live angle – as Rick Anthony says, “a desire to try and get back to that feeling of it just being a bunch of us in a room playing music together.”

The track listing reads as follows:
1. The Wind That Cried The World
2. Clapshot
3. Doom Patrol
4. Atacama
5. (Invisible) Friend
6. Sweatbox
7. No Shoes Blues
8. Women Of Ghent
9. Galapagos

The band have a small clutch of live dates arranged for around album release time:
Tue 3 Jun – Glasgow The Art School
Wed 4 Jun – London Hoxton Bar & Grill
Thu 5 Jun – Manchester The Deaf Institute
Fri 6 Jun – Aberdeen The Tunnels

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