Lapsus Linguae – legendary and semi-mythical Glasgow-based gothic glam punks – have emerged from their self-imposed hiatus with news of a new album.

This is Puberty is set for release later this year and will see the first release from the hi-nrg prog metal four-piece since the neo-classical thrash opus You Got Me Fraiche which appeared on Fierce Panda in 2002. The band actually started work on the new material in 2006 but it has remained unfinished for various reasons including the members’ work on other projects (perhaps most visibly Magaloof Taylor’s work with electro-punk act Fangs).

The neo-hardcore foursome have been together since, ooh, probably the last millennium, with an early appearance on a Jockrock compilation fondly remembered, as was their self-released debut single on Johnson Family Records. This contained a version of ‘Parade’, which was their debut proper for Fierce Panda, where it appeared as one of three re-recorded tracks. The piano-driven instrumental has, however, been re-recorded in a slower version with guitars, brass and vocals added.

The release schedule now reads as follows:
3 track/ 18 min EP ‘Ghosts’ – 3rd quarter 2013
8 track / 45 minute album ‘This Is Puberty’ – 4th quarter 2013

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