News and releases editor: Stuart McHugh. Unfortunately since we receive 50+ new releases per week (plus news, gig info etc) it’s impossible to cover everything (the day job gets in the way of that). So we only list *actual* releases i.e. physical or download and can’t cover music which is only available to stream or as a Youtube video, sorry. What actually makes the cut depends on, well, newsworthiness, personal taste, whether the artist has featured before… ok, basically it’s all on the whim of whoever picks up the email.

If that’s not put you off and, you have an actual release do please feel free to email us info, but it would be useful (for you as well as us) if you include the release date, download links, web presence, any biog such as band info, a pic, a link to bandcamp or soundcloud (or a video) so we can embed it, and your website URL). In fact, see our music submission guide.

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