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4th April 2020
harsh winters

Edinburgh-based musician Luke Joyce has made the bulk of his back catalogue free to download. (more…)

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21st March 2020

HAVR re-release their recent EP ‘Some People Are Inconvenient’ as a free download. (more…)

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7th March 2020

Locked Hands release a single ‘Shallows Shadows’ on Errant Media.

The new track from Leith-based Sean Ormsby, who alongside Stephen McLaren is also one half of Blue Tiles, is available as a free download.

The follow up last year’s debut single, ‘Drop‘, was, we’re advised, “dictated to our hero by a sinister apparition in a three piece suit over a Brexit breakfast paid for with fake commemorative 50p coins”.

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1st January 2020

HiFi Sean has started the New Year with a free download of a recent collaboration with Ralphi Rosario (more…)

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28th December 2019
yip man

Yip Man releases a new digital single, ‘Tremors’, on Armellodie Records. (more…)

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27th October 2019

Future Pilot AKA releases a free download single, ‘Jai Gopala’, via the Glass Modern label. (more…)

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5th September 2019

Malcolm Middleton releases, in his Human Don’t Be Angry guise, an EP for free download (more…)

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28th February 2019

Author and former Northern Alliance man Doug Johnstone releases a new EP (more…)

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25th November 2018

Foreignfox release a free download, a Capybara remix of ‘Bonfire’. (more…)

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25th October 2018

Malcolm Middleton has made a couple of tracks available for free download. (more…)

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