Not sure what kind of response I’ll get here… but here goes:
Was talking to someone about T Break the other day – every year I do a podcast for, just playing some of the bands who have been ‘chosen’ to play at Balado.

I thought I might do an extra ‘cast this year, looking back at some of the bands who have played in the past. I might even make it a ‘worst of’ – the bands who entered, and played in the round-Scottish ‘heats’, but who didn’t make the cut (and inspired much heated debate on these here forums).

Of course, I can’t recall who made it and who didn’t – I know Magnetic North Pole did, also saw ballboy and Macrocosmica that year. My Legendary Girlfriend didn’t I’m sure (Greenock heat?) but did Troika? They were from Airdrie, but did they play the Lanarkshire heat? Kasule – was there a heat in Coatbridge? Would be great to have a full list of everyone that entered, but DF only talk about yer Biffys and Paolos and Snow Patrols…