UK-wide youth music charity Music for Youth Exchange hosts a weekend-long event at SWG3 in Glasgow on Friday 16th and Saturday 17th March.

Offering free advice, networking, and hopefully inspiration, its aim is to offer young musicians from across Scotland everything they need to figure out their first, or next steps in a potential career within any aspect of the music industry.

The Friday strand is aimed at young people making music in schools and as part of larger organisations, while Saturday is designed for independent young music-makers.

Radio Scotland DJ Vic Galloway will also offer feedback on artists’ demos.

Among the industry professionals offering advice are Stina Tweeddale out of Honeyblood, Fatherson’s Ross Leighton, Louise Quinn of Dawnings / A Band Called Quinn, Jennifer Martin, CEO of the Hebrides Ensemble, Garry Boyle (Recording Engineer & Producer at Slate Room Studio), and an ‘In Conversation’ with composer Sir James Macmillan.

Free tickets for Exchange and full info are available now at: