Members of Mogwai, and of Idlewild’s management team are among the those offering advice to prospective musicians and other young people interested in working in the industry.

Soundbase – It’s Business Time – is an evening of advice sessions for young people interested in music and looking to learn new skills takes place on December 1st.

The Zoom event will be monitored by staff from the MusicPlus organisation (the mentoring arm of the Scottish Music Centre) and topics covered will include being in a band, where artist management fits in, running a label, social media management, and adjusting to the post-Covid ‘new norm’.

The full list of online sessions reads:

5pm – REBECCA VASMANT / Managing your online social media as a female and adapting to the post covid ‘new norm’.

6pm – STUART BRAITHWAITE (MOGWAI – ROCK ACTION RECORDS) / Being in a band, managing a record label.

7pm – AILSA HARPER – Building social media campaigns for artists / bands.

8pm – MICHAEL LAMBERT (A MODERN WAY Management (incl. Idlewild, Fatherson) – What does a music manager do? Do I need one? Could I manage myself?

Tickets for the event are available now – more at