A Mote Of Dust singer Craig B has put online a guide for artists planning on releasing their own records.

The former Unwinding Hours frontman recently put out his new band’s debut long-player on his own label, Babi Yaga – the label revitalised from its days as the vehicle for releasing early Aereogramme singles, as well as the debut 7″ from Biffy Clyro, before his band signed to Chemikal Underground, for whom he would make five acclaimed full-length releases.

Now, with the second self-titled album by A Mote Of Dust out on Stargazer Records – and with the band, formed alongside Graeme Smillie, now declared defunct as the band’s main songwriter goes into self-imposed retirement – he has published the guide aimed at helping upcoming acts follow in their footsteps.

Citing fellow DIY acts like Fugazi, and Urusei Yatsura as inspirations, the lengthy guide can be found at the A Mote Of Dust website.