Jockrock has been the number one source for Scottish indie music news for nigh on 17 years. We’re honestly not sure how long it’s existed, but a young Tim Berners-Lee used to submit reviews by fax (ok, not strictly true, he’s more a house music guy).

Editor and head honcho Stuart McHugh does pretty much everything round here. Everything, I tell you. He has worked for everyone from NME and Q all the way down to, well, is this music?. And Jockrock. He’s interviewed everyone from Franz Ferdinand and Coldplay all the way down to Miles O’Toole’s band. Who shall remain nameless.

Miles O’Toole is in charge of demos – which he previously did with incisive wit for is this music? Some might suggest he’s good at empathising with failing indie acts for what might be obvious reasons, though we couldn’t possibly comment.

Calum Craig is the new kid on the block and looks after the gig guide / weekly roundup. He also reviews for Spotting a pattern here?

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