Lady North are not a band who fit easily into any local ‘scene’, or genre-based pigeonhole. Instrumental (having dispensed with their singer, the precise details being unclear) the Edinburgh trio’s sound is more (mid)west-oriented – whether that be 90s Chicago or the Glasgow post-rock wave that followed – their ‘thing’ being a slew of polyrhythmic patterns, with the guitar noise layered on top at odds with the fact that somehow, they’re quite danceable. Following a split single with Paws on Gerry Loves Records, an album is in the offing, so just the time to get the lowdown from guitarist Scott Bullen.


Scott – guitars, loops, woops
Paul – Drums and driving
Jamie ‘man of’ steel – All tings bass

lady north

Em… can’t really remember – let’s say 3 – 4 years in a few different guises. We used to have a singer, now we don’t. Fuck the human voice anyway. Robots make better friends, such as ‘R2 double D 2’ my ‘companion’… i.e fornication tool.


We were born, bred and formed in Auld Reekie which is hopefully the main reason that we also have a pungent aroma, probs not though. I, Scott, now live in Landin. Haven’t managed to drag the other two yet.


We make hopefully interesting, imaginative music free from the burden of words and their stinkin’ meanings. Just bring your ears and preferably a large or better, insanely grotesque, magic flute to toot and you will have yourself a jolly auld time.


We like it, ultimately. Couldn’t give an arse about telling people that I am in a band, every welt is in one these days. I like nothing better than locking myself in a room for days trying to find the new sound then bringing it to my buddies to spread some jam. That is the basis of this band, anything else is incidental. However, if someone wants to give us a opportunity to do this on a bigger scale then that’s what we wanna do.

Lead single ‘Bum Jiggy’ is available to download now – recorded at Tape Studios, Leith by Stephen Watkins and taken from the album Stellar, due for release soon. More at