They say that rock comes round in 20-year cycles, so if that’s true then we are in for a bumper musical crop. No pun intended, but Gigantic Leaves are fans of 90s alt and lo-fi rock – loud, warm and fuzzy and perhaps a little rough round the edges. Any US-indie influences are offset by a distinct Scottish accent, as you’d expect from an Edinburgh-based three-piece. Gav Keogh told us more…


Gav plays guitar and sings, John plays bass and Tom plays drums.



The three of us have been playing together for a bit more than a year. It used to just be me and my mate Steve on Bass and a drum machine. The drum machine used to crash and sometimes it’d play the wrong song which was kind of funny If you find excruciating shame amusing. We had a drummer for a while and John replaced Steve. Me and Tom had played together before so he kindly stepped in later on when we became drummerless once more. The End.


Edinburgh and still Edinburgh. All of our anecdotes are too embarrassing, incriminating or just too unfunny to regale you with I’m afraid. We’re just three men and a baby – that baby is made of music and it’s called Gigantic Leaves.


Three Piece Indie Rock Band.
We used to get described a lot as lo-fi but I think that’s because we would gig with really bad hangovers and make utter howlers of mistakes. We’re much better now. Tom brings a good bit of heaviness to our sound and John really knows how to make up for us just being a three piece. I think we all do a bit of that actually. I’m not sure who I could say we sound like. Not long ago we recorded an EP and put it on Bandcamp as a free download. it’s our first one – Woo!


I think we just really like playing music together. Music has taken us prisoner and we’re not up for parole anytime soon!

Gigantic Leaves’ EP ‘Spirits’ is available now.